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Deceased Members of the Class - Updated July 9, 2011.

Everyone on this page was a gift to all of us, some more to one, some more to another. We are thankful for them, for enriching our lives in many ways, and for living in our memories and our hearts. We surely do miss them.

Susan McLean (Jeep)

Robert R. Martin (Bobby)

Ross Martindale Jr. (Ross)

Judith G. Messer (Judy)

Eric L. Mortenson (Moose)

Meredith T. Moss (Tavey)

Andrew L. Muns (Andy)

Joan M. Parker (Joanie)

William N. Perren (Bill)

Guy T. Pickering (Tim)

Benjamin F. Pierce Jr. (Ben)

Marguerite L. Pumphrey (Maggie)

William C. Ricks (Bill)

Thomas L. Roberson (Woo-Woo)

Michael F. Saggese (Goose)

Joan C. Scheminger (Joan)

Michael J. Schlossberg (Schloss)

Brenda C. Seifried (Brenda)

Edward F. Strasburger (Eddie)

James C. Westfall Jr. (Jay)

Roland H. Witter (Witt)

Janet M. Wilson (Jan)

James S. Mackay (Jim)

James C. Reese (Chris)

Adam M. Forbes (Adam)

Joseph W. Caggiano (Rip)

Suzanne W. Stevens (Suzie)

Doreen A. Fondi (Dee)

Rodney C. Odell (Shotgun)

Linda Taylor Barnes